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The New Burntsticks.

by zodiac

Hey everyone, we have an update now after months of nothing. The New Burntsticks is coming closer every day! I've been completely revamping the site to make it as awesome looking as possible. Nothing else I can really say, till further progress, I'm signing out. -loops

Ads and notification system, Wall Collab 2!

by zodiac

Hey guys, loops here with yet another update. This time it's about 3 topics. First one is that we now have Ads on the site, which is great since we're able to recieve money from the site and we'll be able to pay for the servers and soon we'll even be open for donations so we can upgrade to better servers! There also is a notification system now, whenever you get a comment on your own animation you'll be notified, and last but not least, the Wall Collab 2 is now being hosted as you may have already seen, so make sure to join so you can participate in the 2nd part of the biggest Burntsticks collaboration of all time, to join just go over to the collaborations forum and look for the thread and reply to it by saying you're joining! That's all for the news, thanks for reading! -loops

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lil' tribute to the god himself

The Wall Collab 2 Promo!

Song: 2 Eyes 2 C by Suckers - JOIN NOW! [url]http://www.hyunsdojo.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=34&p=173396&sid=365bc75cfb46a55711f6c54038c33aa6#p173396rn http://burntsticks.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=47[/url]

BSW #1 - Zink vs. Oob

My part for the upcoming BSW battle against .fL!

the bill 2

the second part of the bill series

the bill

animation i made in 2015, personal kinda series.



Oob Demo

my BSW