The Elevator Collab Tribute

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Welcome to the Elevator Collab!


This is a tribute to Travis' collab "The Elevator Collab" that due to some problems (Getting banned from SP while hosting the collab, losing the parts, etc)
ended up being way more unsuccesful than it was, this is just our tribute to try and make the collab be what it was originally gonna be like. So if you'd like to make it happen, join. Thank you,
CoreAdro, Loops


So, your part will work as a floor in the collab. Your stick must be in the elevator at the first frame, and then leave. At the time he's on the screen you can do anything, be creative.
and then he must stay at the floor you created.


- 24fps only
- Your character must not re-enter the elevator unless you're making multiple connected parts
- Don't use a vcam
- No angles
- Add a background to your part
- Convert everything except for sounds into a graphic
- Make sure your background doesn't go out of the canvas
- Don't change the elevator in any way
- Do not make your part have any affecting interaction with the elevator as it will cause inconsistencies
- Your stick can be any size/colour you want since we aren't using the same stick over and over again!
- Make sure to NAME ALL YOUR SYMBOLS, please do it "example: loops_Symbol1"
- No memes your unfunny trends are unfunny..


How to send over your part:

1. Name your file like this: YourName_ElevatorCollab
2. Upload your animation .fla AND .swf file to or any other upload site
3. E-Mail the fla and swf download links to
4. Wait for a response telling you if you were accepted or not


The due date is:
JAN 1.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them:
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Good luck with your parts be creative and stuff...
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this is a tribute im alright with because not only was the first one a disaster but its not made for the purpose of glorifying the host off of popularity from the original collab

so yeah ill join
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did this ever happen?
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Freshest wrote:did this ever happen?

nope, this thing bombed harder than japan in WW2
what's up
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